Month: December 2018

Law review articles a great source of legal information

When many begin performing legal research, they do not know where to begin. Finding case law and statutory law can feel cumbersome. One great way to perform legal research is to seek out law reviews articles online. If you are looking for law review articles, you can find them online fairly easily at this link: […]

The importance of legal research

Legal research is critical to analyzing any legal issue. From statutory, case law and regulations, all can come into play in the analysis of any legal matter. The reality as well is that law can change over time. For example, statutes can ultimately be amended over time. From wholesale revisions to minor changes, it is […] another research alternative

As lawyers, law firms and non-lawyers look for research platforms for researching the law, new alternatives are rising to prominence. Another viable alternative for legal research is has a lot to offer at affordable prices for lawyers, law firms and non-lawyers. They profess to offer research for lawyers for less than $50 a […]

Inexpensive Legal Research Platforms

When many consider where they should perform their legal research, they often think of the major players in legal research. These major players are Westlaw and LexisNexis. When considering the cost, many are not able or willing to pay for Westlaw and LexisNexis. The reality is that while these are great sources for legal research, […]