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Bluebook the key to legal citations

When performing legal research and drafting legal documents, pleadings, briefs and memorandums, the bluebook is the literally the bible for legal citations.

To ensure that credit is given to others in which it is due, knowing how to give credit and citations is really key. Courts, judges and other lawyers are also looking for proper citations to be given in legal documents.

Lawyers can certainly purchase a copy of the Bluebook. Having a copy at your desk or in your library can certainly be a helpful aid for a lawyer, law firm or anybody working within the legal field.

However, online, many can find information about how to utilize citations under the Bluebook criteria for free online. For example, the Georgetown Law Library is a great resource in terms of how to properly cite just about anything.

No matter whether you need to cite state or federal cases, unpublished opinions or other legal resources, there is numerous information about how to include proper citations.

Best yet, this information is online for free. For lawyers, law firms and others who are drafting legal documents, bookmarking the Georgetown Law Library’s webpage as it relates to citations can certainly be useful.

There is other great information online about the Bluebook, including an article called the Law Student’s Quick Guide to Legal Citation. Here, individuals can great information about the Bluebook and how to conduct proper citations.

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