Search The Law Articles Google Scholar is a great research option

Google Scholar is a great research option

Many individuals do not realize that Google Scholar is out there. Google Scholar is a free service through Google that allows individuals to search the law online for free.

Through Google Scholar, individuals have a couple different options in terms of what they search. For example, individuals can search articles online on various topics. Individuals can also search case law online.

Google Scholar is truly a great free option for small and solo law firms. Much of what any lawyer may need to find online can be accessed free through a search.

Users just have to type in the proper terms into the search bar. By using quotation marks around various key words, searches can be more narrowly honed.

Individuals can also find federal and state cases online. Thus, the search capabilities are pretty broad in Google Scholar.

The truth is that many lawyers and those searching the law have not heard of Google Scholar. This is because there is not a lot of publicity about it in the legal community.

However, for many attorneys and law firms looking to search the law online, Google Scholar is a great option that should not be under-estimated. It is a shame more lawyers and law firm do not know about it.

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