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NBI All-Inclusive​ Pass

For legal professionals, including lawyers and paralegals, it is vital to have a access to a legal form database. It is true that no legal professional can simply use a form. Any form has to be tweaked and fine-tuned based on the specific circumstances of a client’s case.

However, it is true at the same time that having a working data base of forms can be enormously helpful. It can save time. It can help ensure that many of the legal formalities are met. It also is helpful because lawyers do not have to reinvent the wheel.

The National Business Institute (“NBI”) is now offering an all-inclusive pass for lawyers. In addition to access to other valuable information, the all-inclusive pass gives attorneys access to over 10,000 state specific forms.

The all-inclusive pass also gives lawyers access to live and in-person continuing legal education seminars, downloads, and a free Fastcase subscription.

The cost is currently advertised at $1,499 per year and $1,299 per year with a discount. As a whole, this is a package that many lawyers and legal professionals should consider.

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