Search The Law Articles CourtListener a great resource

CourtListener a great resource

There are many great resources for legal resource online. However, one legal resource that lawyers and legal professionals should get to know is CourtListener.

CourtListener is a free legal research website containing countless legal opinions from federal and state courts. With CourtListener, attorneys, journalists, academics, and the public can research case law, read new opinions or do research using their tools.

Information related to the latest oral arguments can be found. Quick links to legal opinions can also be found. If these links are clicked, lawyers or legal professionals can quickly download legal opinions for free.

For those who are interested in the United States Supreme Court, useful information is available as well. With the Supreme Court Network Visualizations, one can analyze and study lines of Supreme Court cases.

Citation networks can also be visually tracked through the graph available. Law firms, lawyers, journalists or others can also embed these graphs on their own webpage, blog.

CourtListener also has a newsletter that individuals can sign-up for free to get updates once a month. CourtListener is a service through the Free Law Project.

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